The Solution by Shay Ordia

This system addresses the specific challenge`s each client is experiencing with their hair.

Hair Loss, Damaged Hair, or a client having the Desire To Achieve Longer Tresses, 
there is a custom solution designed to offer  continuous Healthy Hair Management.

Shay Ordia  is able to provide Healthy Hair Management by creating a curated 3 Step Program



1.  IdentifyThe Concern Consultations are private and in-depth allowing  the opportunity to discover the root cause of the hair issue and determine hair goals! 

2.  Customized Plan  After the consultation, a treatment plan is developed for the client. All hair treatments consist of vegan based products designed to restore and maintain the hairs' integrity. 

*The most popular treatments include:
  The  collagen treatment designed to  rejuvenate the hair
  Bi-Weekly blowouts to maintain sleek tresses
  Alternative Glam mainly for clients who want to restore their natural hair while simultaneously wearing extensions of various kinds.

3.  Commitment No plan works without the commitment of both the stylist and the client. Salon visits are important, but what happens at home is equally important. Each client is equipped with the knowledge on how to maintain their hair along with styling tips and product recommendations to use.